Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my own copy of the directory?

The best way to get a directory is at a Christian Bookstore in your area. They are free and stocked continually throughout the year. We also distribute the directories to churches, ministries, and businesses that are in the directory.


How do you know that advertisers are Christians?

We ask that a prospective advertiser agrees with our statement of faith that is printed in the front section of our directory. Generally, we find new advertisers through referrals from churches & other Christian businesses.


How much does it cost to advertise?

Our prices are listed on our website. Keep in mind that the prices are different depending upon which city you would like to advertise in. Also, remember that the listed prices are for a full year of advertising and the ad design and layout is included in the price.


How much does it cost to list my church or ministry in the directory?

We list the churches & non-profit ministries in the directory for free. There is a form that a church staff member needs to fill out and return to our main office. In some directories, there is a form in the front or back of the directory or download the appropriate PDF (Church Ministry). If you cannot find a form, contact us to have the form mailed or faxed to you.


What is the process to advertise?

A sales representative from your area will contact you during their selling season. You will plan a time to meet with them. At that time, you will need your 1/2 down payment and whatever artwork or verbage that you would like to be placed in your advertisement. They will then pass your account on to the main office where the production of the directories takes place after the selling period is complete.


What if I have used a company from the directory and they do poor work?

We appreciate you letting us know either by phone or email of any unacceptable work or behavior you have witnessed. We will take your experience into consideration when renewing them the following year. If we get multiple complaints about a particular advertiser, we will remove them from future directories.


What is the response from advertising in the directory?

Obviously, advertisers will get different responses from advertising in the directory depending upon their type of business, size of ad, and the amount of time they have been advertising in the directory. We do have an 89% renewal rate and find that consistency of being in the directory year after year does help.